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How can you make money online fast? It’s Easy with the Help of a Mentor!

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Forgive me in advance, I was all congested the day I made this video. I hope it’s just a cold and that I haven’t somehow come down with COVID. You never know these days, I mean this is truly a scary time we’re living in. So crazy.
Out of curiosity, what is the biggest challenge that you face while trying to start your online business? I’m curious, so just leave me a comment in the comment section below this post.

I often times get asked questions about starting an online business. Questions like “how can you make money online fast?” You can visit this link now to get the whole story

Well, the number one tip I’m going to offer today is that you need a mentor. That is so incredibly important. You really can’t do this on your own. I mean, you can, but it will be super frustrating and even then, you might not make it happen.
So you really need a mentor. You need someone who knows exactly what they’re doing, someone who’s going to show you exactly what to do, so that you don’t waste a lot of time.

I have to tell you, I wasted eight years trying to figure this out on my own, and I guess I was just a little stubborn. And I figured, well you know, I’ll figure this out. I’ll just keep working at it and I’ll figure it out. And it’s taken me eight years to finally come to the realization that if I really want my business to grow, if I really want to reach that level of financial freedom that I’ve been searching for, I’m going to have to get a mentor. So you really do need a mentor. I knew I needed one, so I went out and found one. I found a mentor that I could relate to, and it’s totally changed my business. You know, someone who’s going to tell me exactly what to do, and how to do it. Show me what steps to take, what not to do, and what not to waste my time on trying to learn how to do.

So Tip number one, you need a mentor, this is super-super important.
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Another question I often get is, “make money online, is it real?’ Well yeah it’s real. Thousands and 1000s of people are successfully making money online.

Now the second tip I’ll give you about this is that you really need to learn high income skills to be able to consistently make money online. In the long run, it’ll be these skills you acquire that determine your level of success, not the product you’re selling and not the program you’re in.

You can take these skills and plug them into any product in any program, so the skills are super important. So number one, you need a mentor. Number two, you need to learn high income skills.

And I say this from experience. I spent hundreds of hours focusing on the wrong skills. I’m sharing this with you today because I don’t want you to go through everything that I went through. You know, I want you to be able to take the straightest course to get where you want to get to, to get where you want to be. So I don’t want you to go through all that I went through. I want you to be able to reach your level of success that you want to reach as fast as possible with as little pain is possible. I wasted a lot of time. I spent hundreds of hours focusing on the wrong skills. I mean, you know, sure I can build a page for my website using HTML code. But so what! I can link webpages together to make a funnel. But so what! We have systems that do all that for you automatically now, so you don’t need to waste your time. And I actually wish someone was there to tell me (someone like a mentor) to tell me back then that I don’t need to waste my time doing this kind of stuff. That’s what my mentor does for me now. He really guides me along the right path. And I’m so happy I found the guy.

Another question I often get asked is “what are the best ideas to make money online?” Well, here’s a tip as far as that goes…you need a high ticket product to offer people. If you really want to move toward being financially free, this one realization was critical for me. Having an online business model that was focused around low ticket items was a recipe for disaster. Spending all my time making $15 and $20 commissions was not the way to go. So, you really need to have a high ticket product to offer people. You want to make high ticket commissions. What I’ve discovered is that it’s just as easy to make, $1,000 commissions as it is to make a $20 commissions. You go through the exact same steps whether you’re out to make $1,000 commission or a $15 commission. So you really need to focus on is a high ticket product to offer people so that it doesn’t take you years and years and years to reach your financial goals.

And again, I speak from experience. When I was focusing on low ticket items, low ticket commission items, and sure, I’d get sales here and there, but you’re not going to be able to retire early making $15, $20 or $30 a sale. You need a ton of sales every single month to reach your goals that way. So again I learned the hard way and I don’t want you to go through that. So definitely find a high ticket offer, that’s the way to go.
Another question that I often get asked is “how can I make money online right now?” My standard answer is that you need a proven system that converts your leads into sales. With an online business, automated systems mean everything! You want this machine to be humming 24 seven, literally making you money when you sleep. I know you may have heard that saying before, but that’s what systems actually do. They’re working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They’re moving people through the process 24 seven. Whether you’re sleeping or you’re awake these systems are doing the work for you.

And again, I’m saying this from experience. Early on in my make money online journey I almost totally burned myself out doing all the work myself. You know, I would learn how to do this process, and learn how to do that process, and it was all so unnecessary. I didn’t know it was unnecessary. I wasn’t working with a mentor at the time. I guess I’m just stubborn and I thought I could do it by myself. You know, you figure you’re relatively intelligent, you can learn how to do this stuff, you see other people who are no brighter than you are being really successful. Well, the difference between them and myself was they were working with someone who knew exactly what to do, who was mentoring them.
Since I found my mentor things have totally turned around for my business. It was the best thing I could have ever done. So make sure that you are using proven systems that convert leads into sales and you let the system do all the work for you.
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I mean, I spent a lot of time away from my family. Time that I could have been spending with them but was instead working on my business. Had I found that mentor eight years ago instead of six months ago, my business would have grown 10 times faster and I wouldn’t have missed so much time with my kids.

Yeah, it’s true, I’ve learned how to do a lot of things with online businesses and they do come in handy. But again, if I could turn the clock back, I would definitely turn it back. I’d jump in with this guy, this mentor I found, and learn from him. I’d follow his lead, do exactly what he’s telling me to do, and my business would have grown so much faster. I’m happy to say I’m on the right track now couldn’t be happier with this mentor that I’m working with. It’s a wonderful thing, and I highly encourage you to do the same. Alright, that’s all for now, wishing you health, wealth and happiness, take care of yourself.

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